Getting Started with DEPLOY

Setting up a node on DEPLOY is simple! It takes less than two minutes. Here’s how.

Step 1: Log in to DEPLOY.

At this point you should have already confirmed your email address and provided your name and password. Using your email address and password, log in to DEPLOY.

Once you log in, you are brought to the Nodes section of the app. This is where you can create new nodes in the app, and after you create a new node it will be accessible here. Feel free to explore the documentation at the bottom, and when you’re ready click the [+Create a New Node] button to spin up your first node.

Step 2: Create a node

Now we are going to make some decisions about what type of node to create:

First, select whether you want a Bitcoin node or an Ethereum node (more options are coming soon and will also be available here).

Next, select the network client DEPLOY should use to access the node. For Ethereum, you can choose from Parity or Geth. For Bitcoin, you can choose from Bitcoin Core or BTCD.

After you’ve selected your client, select whether you want your node on the Mainnet or a Testnet. For Bitcoin you can choose from Mainnet and Testnet. For Ethereum you can choose from Mainnet, Kovan, Ropsten, Rinkeby and Görli.

Once you create a node you’ll get the following features:

  • SSH Access down to the OS

  • Unlimited API calls

Finally, confirm the details of your node and click Deploy. Next you'll want to connect to your node.

Step 3: Connect to your node

Connecting to your node is simple. On the main NodeOps screen make sure the node you want is highlighted. Select your method of connection from the Connect to Node field.

By default DEPLOY will show your API Key for access to the node.

You also have the ability to connect via RPC calls. Clicking the black Copy Command button will make it simple to paste this into Terminal.

You'll also have the ability to open WebSocket connections to your node. Within the Connect to Node modal we will display the command for opening up a connection and also provide further documentation to opening up WebSocket connections.

If you want to access your node or create/manage nodes via a CLI, click the CLI Specifications link to get the details on installing the DEPLOY CLI.

This should give you everything you need to get started! Once you’ve got your node spun up and you’re connected to it, you’re ready to start building.